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Eleventh Edition
April 20, 2014

A Failed US System Held Hostage


Even in our crisis ridden world, the healthcare sector in the United States tops the list of present-day economic catastrophes. 

According to figures issued by the World Bank for 2011, healthcare expenditures in the United States, astonishingly, consumed 17.9% of the gross domestic product.  By comparison, healthcare spending in Canada was 11.2% of the economy, in Japan 9.3% and in Britain 9.3%.  The proportion of healthcare spending in the US just about doubles the average figure for other major nations.

Yet, on the broadest of all measures for healthcare effectiveness, the scale of longevity in most advanced nations well surpasses the longevity in the US.  Europeans, Australians and the people of several Asian nations can expect to live into their 80’s.  In the United States the figure is 78.6.  China, at 75.6 years, now only marginally trails the US life-expectancy. 



TEDDY ROOSEVELT: US Statism’s Seductive Founder

A recent work sought to identify and rank in a way the few US Presidents over the past century plus whose policies led to greater freedom in the economy.  That list did not include, Theodore Roosevelt, TR, the trust-busting lion and hero of San Juan Hill.

To the consternation of many, the work ranked two Democrats, Jimmy Carter and Harry Truman, as possibly the greatest presidential freedom fighters for the economy since 1900.  Supporters of several presidents claim other names should have been included, Teddy Roosevelt for one, Ronald Reagan for another and even Bill Clinton.

The guiding hand of both Reagan and Clinton policies in creating our present corrupt financial system and the ongoing debt and currency catastrophe plainly excludes both presidents from freedom fighter credentials overall.  Reagan’s false credentials for such a claim have already been written about by this author.  Clinton’s sole credential for the list, his somewhat balanced budgets, was plainly more due to divided government that to a real change of habits in Washington led by Clinton.  STORY

Edward Snowden, Only the Prince of the NSA Moles?

As revelations of massive NSA spying across the globe convulse US foreign policy like the superpower has never experienced, one has to marvel at the seamless way whistleblower Edward Snowden has dealt such a powerful series of blows to the fear-inspiring national security intelligence agencies.

 Now squirreled away in the Russian countryside reading Tolstoy novels according to the meme, it seems simply astounding that Snowden, a man of such tender years and such low altitude on the NSA totem pole, was able to collect such a wide array of triple top-secret tyrannies and betrayals, most well beyond his field of work for NSA contractor Booz-Hamilton.  Snowden only worked for Booz-Hamilton for three months before taking his one-way flight to Hong Kong.

 Not only having the finest of political senses in organizing his raids on NSA files and the knowledge about exactly where to go in the system, Snowden also somehow evaded all secrecy controls, copied and left with whatever he wanted, openly traveled to Communist China with his stash and, before or after, created a network of journalists abroad and at home to publicize his treasure trove of NSA spying in the most spectacular of ways.



A Brave New Dawn
The Obama Impeachment Trial

There are now two quite opposite views on the world’s economic future. 

One view assumes that the major developed nations will eventually escape back to every expanding growth allowing the world to finally return to business as usual.  The other assumes that mountains of debt and wasted capital and hot money combined with profound income inequality must bring the entire system crashing down sometime soon, as has happened in similar circumstances many times before.

The difference between the two views can be fairly said to be the difference between accepting Keynesian economic theory or Austrian economic theory.

There is nothing as fun sometimes as mixing facts with fiction.  One of the best ways to do this in an honest manner is to describe some event that occurs in the future.  That makes the fiction part plain to everyone.

If one were to accept Austrian economic theory, take a critical mass of facts known today, assume the global crash had happened, add some crucial detail from future events, and accept that the Keynesian model has corrupted the US soul as well as the economy, one could imagine a court case, one like no other previous case, ocurring in the not too distant future.

Here is how such a case may read.  STORY

The Merger of State and Commerce

The Leviathan’s Thumb


Many observers of the US economy have come to the realization there are now few truly free markets left within 21st Century Western capitalism. 

It seems all investments today are controlled to unfair advantage in some large way by the governments and financial firms operating the markets, especially the market in money itself.  The newly-invented powers of the central banks to buy anything, to fund any bailout, can reach into any area of the economy, either to grant large favors or to inflict great pain, typically with the cooperation of the too-big-to-jail banks that own the Federal Reserve and its policies.

The precious metals market is a good example of the Fed and its henchmen inflicting pain.  The Western paper gold market has been the long-used tool of Leviathan to bludgeon the world’s only true money.

In one of the Fed’s generous ways the second US housing bubble has been inflated from a river of counterfeit money and a wet-blanket of negative interest rates.  The QE Forever giveaway to the Fed’s banker friends through buying toxic mortgages at full price charges on.  STORY

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