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 Fifth Edition

November 20,  2010

 It is bad to be oppressed by a minority, but it is worse to be oppressed by a majority.   Lord Acton

It was we, the people; not we, the white male citizens; nor yet we, the male citizens; but we, the whole people, who formed the Union.  Susan B. Anthony



By the end, it was a margin as small as 2,000 votes that separated the two contending US Senate candidates on election day. A third candidate had mustered 24% of the vote in the most divided and divisive election in the history of Alaska. No more than 40% of the total vote was captured by the winner. Within that winning total, the Alaska natives voted in lockstep like never before for any candidate.

So, where does this point to for the future? Has liberty in Alaska suffered a body blow from the voters that shows it is outmatched, 2-1? What are the lessons from the Joe Miller insurgency? What does the unchanged Congress delegation from Alaska have in store? How have Alaska elections been changed?  Full Story


The Economist of London

The Perils of Constitution-Worship:

One of the Guiding Principles of the

 Tea Party Movement is Based on a Myth


WOULDN’T it be splendid if the solutions to America’s problems could be written down in a slim book no bigger than a passport that you could slip into your breast pocket? That, more or less, is the big idea of the tea-party movement, the grassroots mutiny against big government that has mounted an internal takeover of the Republican Party and changed the face of American politics. Listen to Michele Bachmann, a congresswoman from Minnesota and tea-party heroine, as she addressed the conservative Value Voters’ Summit in Washington, DC, last week:

To those who would spread lies, and to those who would spread falsehoods and rumours about the tea-party movement, let me be very clear to them. If you are scared of the tea-party movement, you are afraid of Thomas Jefferson who penned our mission statement, and, by the way, you may have heard of it, it’s called the Declaration of Independence. [Cheers, applause.] So what are these revolutionary ideas that make up and undergird the tea-party movement? Well, it’s this: All men and all women are created equal. We are endowed by our creator—that’s God, not government [applause]—with certain inalienable rights…  Full Story




Will He Lead a Tea Party Revolution from Washington, D.C.?

The national Tea Party movement had an amazing, if bumpy, first effort in electoral politics.

As many as five new US Senators are considered tea partiers. As many as twenty new Republican US Representatives are aligned with the Tea Party. This group of new congress-people is a diverse lot though when it comes to formulating public policy.

Indeed, the amorphous Tea Party movement does not share much beyond unifying themes, primarily in the area of returning to smaller government overall and fiscal responsibility. Foreign policy and social issues have not been directly laid on the table by the Tea Party anywhere in sight. Full Story



But for Which Candidate?

Rumor has it the Republican Party's get out the vote effort in the final days of the Alaska election met unusual challenges. The effort was exclusively manned by Joe Miller supporters, of course.

Fewer voters than usual seemed to be answering their phones or returning calls to the Party. Far fewer who did answer the phone seemed to be Miller supporters, quite the opposite. The targeted households who answered their doors often seemed cool to Miller's candidacy.

How so many missteps can happen when using local polling data only two weeks old is indeed an oddity. Where were the Miller potential voters located so recently?  Full Stories

                              Where Does The Homeowner Stand?

Over the past several years, the real estate industry in the United States has undergone a near collapse.  House prices have been reduced by 25% nationwide due to the bursting of real estate bubble.  The only vibrant part of the real estate market in the present economic recovery are the millions of foreclosed homes being sold to bargain hunters.

Some smaller States, North Dakota, Nebraska, Alaska, have managed to avoid a big downturn in prices and hope to continue to do so.   The big States most affected by the real estate disaster though, California, Nevada, Florida, have lost more than one-half on home values in many major cities.  Full Story


Reprinted from Al Jazeera


Obama Edges to the Dark Side


As consensus grows regarding the futility of US national security policy, concerns arise over Barack Obama’s strategy.


In possibly the most dramatic mea culpa in Presidential history, Bill Clinton, newly appointed as UN Special Envoy for Haiti, admitted to the Senate Foreign Relations Committee that the US policy of compelling poor developing countries to buy US agricultural products at subsidized prices, which destroyed local agricultural sectors, was a disaster.  Full Story


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