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Seventh Edition
February 4, 2012

First Military Edition

Is Iran truly a nation so bent on murdering innocent Americans that it is willing to embrace its own nuclear annihilation, unlike any other nation past or present, utter, complete defeat at war?

This is the claim made by the pro-warfare wing of the Republicrat Party, eight out of nine candidates seeking the Republican nomination for President.  It is a given within this frightened circle that Iranians are plotting their mass suicide as a people just to make a negative point about the freedoms enjoyed in the United States.

It was only fifty years ago the US Congress- Industrial-Pentagon Machine attacked demon North Vietnam for its war to reunify

Full Story

Reprinted from Al Jazeera
30 Jan 2012

Torture, and Impunity in US Courts

New York, NY - An important question confronting courts in the United States is whether individuals subjected to torture and other abuse in the "war on terror" can obtain a judicial remedy for their mistreatment. A recent decision by the US Court of Appeals for the Fourth Circuit in Richmond, Virginia, concludes that they may not.

The decision, which throws out the civil suit of former enemy combatant Jose Padilla, is troubling, both in its result and potential sweep. It not only threatens core freedoms protected by the constitution, but also undermines the principle that government officials should be held accountable for their illegal conduct.

Padilla was the victim of one of the most extraordinary uses of military detention power after the 9/11 attacks. In May 2002, Padilla was arrested by the FBI at Chicago's O'Hare International Airport and detained as a material witness in connection with the government's investigation into the attacks. The government suspected that Padilla was involved in a plot to explode a radioactive "dirty bomb" in the United States.  Full Story

America’s Leading Chicken-Hawks

Many, many men in the United States are incredibly brave with the lives of US soldiers and generously open-handed in spending the treasure of our nation in dozens of foreign countries.  They see death and destruction as a primary way to conduct American foreign policy.  

In warmongering, elite chicken-hawks prove their virility in their own minds and, sadly for our country, provide such proof to many voters as well.  Some of these very men have on their own launched US wars across the globe for little to no reason at all.  Full Story

Reprinted from Reuters
January 26, 2012

The Drone War

(Reuters) - They kill without warning, are comparatively cheap, risk no American lives, and produce triumphant headlines. Over the last three years, drone strikes have quietly become the Obama administration's weapon of choice against terrorists.

Since taking office, President Barack Obama has unleashed five times as many drone strikes as George W. Bush authorized in his second term in the White House. He has transformed drone attacks from a rarely used tactic that killed dozens each year to a twice-weekly onslaught that killed more than 1,000 people in Pakistan in 2010. Last year, American drone strikes spread to Somalia and Libya as well.  Full Story

A Bitter American Century

 Why the United States decided to enter World War I against Germany in 1917, with hindsight, is impossible to fathom from a geopolitical point of view.    The US as a nation had no stake in a victory by either side, no stake in the war’s origin.  By the time the US entered the war it had already become clear the war would end in a stalemate if the players stayed the same.  A stalemated European war would have had little effect on the US, just like the many previous European wars during US history. 

US history school lessons say the nation was attacked by the sinking of the ocean liner The Lusitania during the German naval blockade of British commerce.  Full Story


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