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Eighth Edition
October 8, 2012

 Election Edition

Liberty's Voice Silenced

There is not enough difference between Barack Obama and Mitt Romney to make any difference of great consequence.  Both candidates preach the welfare-warfare-counterfeit state forever.  Both serve our failed elite without limit.  Both fail to admit the financial Armageddon the world is facing. 

Neither candidate offers any policy change that would point a course away from the enveloping depression.  Neither would finally bring our US troops home where they belong and give peace for the United States a chance.  Neither will do anything but advance the long decline of the United States now alongside a growing police state. 


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Obama's Veil of Tears

 Has a new leader of a great nation ever held such unlimited potential for his country and for the world? 

The celebration in Chicago’s Grant Park on election night after the 2008 campaign was by far the highest milestone  in the magical Barack Obama movement so far, full of hope and equality, across all boundaries of people, all aimed at ending the special interest blockades in Washington that have stopped effective solutions for far too long.  It seemed the nation was united in a rolling tide this young family man had somehow created from pure passion and intellect.  Barack Obama had crushed the Republicans and even the Clintons.  He was the peace candidate for the world. 


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The “Underwear Bomber” Had Help
from the U.S. Government

Reprinted from 2/18/12

Every victim of a crime in Michigan is entitled to make a statement in open court regarding the impact of the crime on their life. The statement is limited to the victim’s physical, emotional and financial well being as it relates to the crime. Keep that in my as you read my statement. Below is a copy of the victim impact statement I gave today at the Underwear Bomber sentencing   Full Story

Fall of the Law Writers

Ah, you miserable creatures! You who think that you are so great! You who judge humanity to be so small! You who wish to reform everything! Why don't you reform yourselves? That task would be sufficient enough." -  Frédéric Bastiat, French Legislator

“One of the greatest delusions in the world is the hope that the evils in this world are to be cured by legislation.” – US House Speaker Thomas B. Reed

“Fascism should be called corporatism because it is the perfect merger of power between the corporations and the state.”  Benito Mussolini, Prime Minister

“There is a lot of ruin in a nation.” - Adam Smith, Free Market Advocate


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