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Ninth Edition
January 18, 2013

Weaponry, Murder, Lies, Sex

As a sex scandal the General David Petraeus episode hardly rates a two-star: Youngish, married hotty likes toying with the Big Man on Base when it pleases her and not much liking competition in the role.  Big Man ends up playing the fool for all to see.

No gory details at all are supplied.  Those will be in a book or two fairly soon. Keep watching for the crazed passions of the most overhyped general in the history of the US.

As a scandal of governance though, few are as telling as the David Petraeus meltdown from myth is.  The last figure on a modern Mount Rushmore is now also creaking and tottering sideways.  The source of this implosion lies in Benghazi, Libya.



(China Daily US Editorial, 1-11-13)

Multipolar Not Bipolar World

China should adhere to anti-hegemony stance, but ties with the US will be more interdependent than confrontational

Now China is the world's second-largest economy, some have argued a bipolar world is more likely than a multipolar one. However, China should not seek to establish a bipolar world.

Choosing not to seek hegemony demonstrates China's foresight and clear thinking. After its reform and opening-up, as its national power has improved, China has repeatedly clarified that its peaceful path of development and not seeking hegemony are strategic choices.

This is a judgment based on historical experience of a multipolar world, recognition of the principle that win-win cooperation is the inevitable global trend and the correct road to defend China's national interests.  Story


It was only fifty years ago when every baby boomer pretty much knew smoking pot would be legalized sometime very soon. Everybody smoked it. The cops already did not care about “marijuana”, just seized it and let you go.

That near certainty though did not stop the nation’s elders from launching DEA founder Richard Nixon’s “War on Drugs” nor Ronald Reagan’s  “Just Say No or Go to Prison” campaign.  In the middle of both remained the poor cannabis plant.  There were still many more votes on the side of cannabis prohibition.  As always, those who never learned anything about the plant have been the ardent prohibitionists, many of them soaked deep in alcohol or tobacco.  The sentiment of” Reefer Madness” is still there (and always will be). 



If Gold Could Talk

Jeff Clark, Casey Research

Have you ever had any doubts about gold? Does it sometimes feel like it should be performing better? Are you concerned about its volatility? Do you worry about how it might perform in the future? Have you ever wondered about its true purchasing power? Maybe you're nervous about a big drop in price again? I decided to go directly to the source to address these concerns: Gold himself. He put his arm around me and asked me to tell you a few things…   Story

America’s 21st Century Revolution

There have always been competing factions in the contest for power over others, now called politics and economics.  Parallels of political struggles are found in all societies, whether a republic or an authoritarian state.  Which political faction may prevail over the others in a particular conflict is often up in the air. 

For the United States, today’s greatest world power, what can be learned from these recurring struggles within humankind?  How could these predictable dramas affect our fate following the coming implosion of the US dollar and the reordering of the nation and the world economy? 



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