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Inaugural Edition
January 24, 2010
"A wise and frugal government, which shall leave men free to regulate their own pursuits of industry and improvement, and shall not take from the mouth of labor the bread it has earned - this is the sum of good government."
Thomas Jefferson

"If Tyranny and Oppression come to this land, it will be in the guise of fighting a foreign enemy."
James Madison

Alaska's Future Still at Risk

The Alaska Permanent Fund was disappointed to report this year that the economic troubles of the Lower-48 led to an 18% drop in the overall value of the Fund, an historic loss for any investment fund.  Almost $7,000,000,000 of Alaska’s money was lost.  Though Fund managers claim to have become experts at “risk management” very little has changed since the financial disaster began in 2008.  The Fund would be decimated again by a second collapse in stock and bond prices.

There are amazingly few investments in the Fund directly related to the future of Alaska.[1]  The Fund has left Alaska for New York, Washington and Los Angeles, just like our last governor did.      Full Story

The Dismissal of Captain Jensen
Even at West Point, Army Captain Andy “Tank” Jensen of Anchorage, Alaska knew full well he may need to lay down his life in the service of his country one day.

Known as a “people person” with a discerning mind, following graduation Lieutenant Jensen was assigned to act as an investigating officer for misconduct allegations made against Army service members.

His first Army post was the emirate state Qatar along the Arabian Peninsula.  Before long, Andy was sent to Afghanistan and then on to Iraq.  By November, 2007, Captain Jensen had more than two-hundred soldiers working under him.  Though his unit’s mission was staff-work, every soldier in a war-zone like Iraq is a rifleman at any given moment.  Full Story

America's Easy-Money Addiction

Some have likened the Federal Reserve to supplying the punchbowl at the party, but this is the wrong analogy. The party and hangover would occur with or without the Fed.  The Fed’s role is to supply methamphetamines whenever the revelers appear to be running out of energy, staving off the hangover and near-term sobriety. This prevents periodic economic readjustments and creates the illusion of “full employment” and “economic stability” over longer periods of time.

 After a century of central bank dominance and seventy years without a deflationary bleeding of the excess gas in the bubble, we have had more than enough time for entire industries to flourish under false assumptions. Huge industries employing tens of millions now cater to the welfare/warfare state on the “guns” side, and to consumers’ vice of living beyond their means on the “butter” side. Optimism was given free rein to establish an entire hallucination economy, one based on ever-rising asset values pushed higher by ever-rising credit availability, itself a product of pyramiding values on spiraling government debt, laundered through a public treasury that strip-mined the savings of three generations.

If the USA was a single small town and the local bank had pyramided the extension of credit on previous borrowing in collusion with the town’s selectmen, how might things appear after a few decades?    Full Story


Seven Top Reasons for High Health-Care Costs
As Congress hopes to enact the newest Republicrat version of health insurance improvement, it is important to note what it is exactly that has gotten our medical care so out of whack when it comes to costs.  

           It is a familiar ailment.
Full Story

Iran's Revolutionary Turmoil
TehranFire  NO ONE knows whether the Iranian regime’s latest bout of violent repression marks an ill-judged step towards its own much-merited demise or if it will cow the dissenters into sullen but long-lasting acquiescence. But the violence marks a change in the nature of the struggle that has been fought out since last June’s tainted presidential election. The regime may catch its breath before it embarks on another round of shooting and clubbing. But the prospect that it is losing its grip, perhaps even terminally, has now become a lot more credible.

For one thing, the government has become readier to kill its opponents. By its own initial count, 15 people were killed in demonstrations on December 28th, the day of Ashura, one of the holiest in the Shia Muslim calendar; one of the dead was a nephew of Mir Hosein Mousavi, the main victim of the stolen election. For another thing, divisions within the clerical establishment have become deeper.     Full Story

Fed Saves Nation
Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke gets more than his share of grief.  He is, after all, just the present grand master for the Keynesian policies that have ruled Washington since the days of Herbert Hoover.

Trying to toe a moderate line, Bernanke’s Fed has “loaned” $12 trillion plus directly to insolvent banks interest-free to stem the financial crisis.  Then, of course, there was also the $700 billion gift from Congress to Wall Street the Chairman proposed known fittingly as TARP (Taxpayers Are Raped/ Pillaged).

 With all this talk about the Greatest Depression and Wall Street shakedowns and, can you imagine, an imperial, corrupt Fed, it is past time for Ben Bernanke to solve all of the financial problems our nation is ever likely to face. Forget restraint. No one will ever again say that the Federal Reserve acts as the poodle for the global elites who happen to own the Fed.

Humble as he can be, Chairman Bernanke will use the same amount of time it took the Hebrew God to create the earth and its inhabitants.  Full Story


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