Alaska Freedom News

This political journal is a new web offering dedicated to spreading news of the revolution in freedom that has begun in Alaska and across the nation.  Though the journal is not an arm of any political organization, the journal's founder and editor, Stephen Merrill, is a founder of the Anchorage Teas Party and recently served as the Membership Chairman of the Alaska Libertarian Party.   Past Issues

Formerly from Norfolk, Virginia, Mr. Merrill is a trial lawyer new to Anchorage.  http://AnchorageLawyer.US  For many years Mr. Merrill was a freedom activist in Virginia.  He published a similar blog there.  Hampton Roads Freedom News  
Anyone may submit an article for publication.  Even articles that do not adopt views consistent with freedom philosophy will be published if they are well-written and interesting.  Articles should concern politics, especially in Alaska, or concern news on the economy.   Articles should not exceed 1000-words or so in length.

The journal shall issue a new edition every month or two.  Send submissions to Editor@FreedomNews.US