The Finest of Presidents

I became the first Black President ………………….

Yet, I am as white as I am black raised by my mother and her family alone.

I shy away from racial affairs as much as I can.

I am the Champion of the People ………………

Yet, it was the People who were further exploited by the Greedy while I was in office.  The billionaires were handed by my Federal Reserve almost every dollar of US “economic growth” during my administration.

I am a Nobel Peace Prize winner ………………..

Yet, I ordered unlawful killings around the world every week or so while starting new US wars in Libya, Syria and Yemen and tripling down on the  Afghanistan war, all for no good reason at all.

Also, ISIS is my CIA’s bastard son arising from a threesome with Saudi Arabia and Turkey.

I had a scandal-free, transparent Presidency welcoming the new President into office ………………….

Yet, I secretly surveilled the next President and all his people, along with anyone else on the globe I ever decided to receive reports on.  I eavesdrop on foes and allies alike, all of them.

I am today trying secretly to bring the new US government down using RussiaTrumpPhobic hysteria mostly with fake news reports from unnamed intelligence sources. 

Let’s make that earlier war planning propaganda against Russia do some important work anyway.

But, with all of these contradictions surfacing, I have come to so hate that man.

A Very Rough Patch

No, not Donald Trump. 

Trump is just a showman, in this instance the biggest fall-guy for all times.  Trump has become the antidote for the failed media, a politician who was created by the media like a Frankenstein monster. 

One might think the reincarnation of Rodrigo Borgia and his clan now occupies the White House instead of the Vatican.  Sad.

It is quite a trick that is being played by this Trump reign/setup.  Why this crazy gambit though?  This is bad form.

Things do go wrong at times, even under the greatest leadership, like mine. 

Events have been so unlucky it seems over the past years we now must have a complete change of the characters for the next scene in the play, where the US ship-of-state sinks to the bottom, the end of the American Empire.

But this is not at all how the global script was originally written at Davos in 2013.  There was to be a new large war of some form to manage the transition from the nation-state while still holding the US together for now.

I tried in the fall of 2013 to get that kind of war going by attacking Assad’s Syria in the same kind of take-down effected on Muhammar Quadafy in Libya.  We had a false flag chemical weapons attack pulled off by Al Qaeda and Turkey and blamed on Assad as our cover for war.  Not bad really.  Makes me the savior of innocent victims anyway.

But, the Republicans would not even cooperate in this, for God’s sake.  When I proposed a fig-leaf vote from Congress for the Syria invasion, they wobbled and evaded supposedly because the sheeple were strongly opposed to a new Middle East war. 

But, with my deft management, it finally looked like it would be war after all.  Republicans cannot, in the end, pass on war.

Then Vladimir Putin ruined everything.  He forced Assad to just give up his large chemical weapons store.  Just give it away, mind you!  That lamebrain Secretary of State of mine, John Kerry, said that would solve the Assad problem, so Putin solved it for the fool.  What could I do?

Yes, there is the Ukraine war stirred up by the CIA and the local Nazis with a violent takeover in Kiev.  If only the Russians would invade.  Please invade, Vladimir!  He is too slick to invade, dammit.

By now that war is a loser too already.  Without Crimea and the Donbass, Ukraine is hardly worth pillaging.  The Nazis never seem able to beat the Russians in the end, even now with US arms and IMF money.

Now it seems, the world’s future is actually up-for-grabs possibly, no longer a completely planned construct from the top. 

The popping of the US bond and equity and real estate bubbles could happen on their own anytime.  Several times already only sudden trillion dollar bailouts have kept the big banks in the US and Europe from a global default that day.  Trillions of dollars in secretive, ongoing QE are needed to keep the financial system lubricated.

But, this is not my fault either.  It was never my plan to blow these bubbles sky high (really).  I did not make many real plans, actually leaving most planning to the top instead.

Do not count on winning this struggle with the Empire though, you Trumpster voters.  Everyone with savvy knows there is no democracy in the United States when it comes to Congress or the Presidency.  There is only money and power to rule the nation.  You Trump voters remain just a cog in the Grand Plan, ha ha.  The Masters will have their way with Trump, too, or worse.

Two Troublemakers Arose Again

So, what forced this sudden change-of-course in the Grand Plan, from Hillary to Trump, of all people?  From the usual stage-management to a wild gamble amid chaos.  From the candidate rigged to win the election to the candidate launched to fail.

Why has the ride become so bumpy for the all-powerful?

Hey, things in this world can change quickly, just ask Hillary Clinton.


I easily outbid her for the Democratic nomination before a single vote was cast in 2008.  Once my persona, public and private, was sold to the global Plutocrats weeks before the Iowa primary, it remained sold until the day I left office. 

Bill & Hillary never had an avenue to challenge me in 2012 given all of the people that counted remained solidly behind me.  George Soros has always been the best of friends.  He has been a mentor for me.

John McCain and Mitch Romney, despite their lifetime fealty to global rule, never had a chance in the general election.  They were nowhere close to a being a Champion of the People that actually rules to benefit the rich only, my near perfect formula for winning elections and then getting things done. 

One though must have a talent for this sort of thing.  Juggling dual love affairs like I have with Wall Street and Main Street for ten years is not successful for just any joker who wants to run for office.  It takes real talent, like mine.  With practice like I have had with the contradictions this approach creates, you become able to explain why the Sun, in fact, rises in the west and have your voter base believe it like a scripture.

Now, back to Hillary and her dog of a husband.   If there is anyone to blame this loss of control on, it is those two.

Now Bill is the one in the family who does have talent of the kind I am talking about, the talent so sorely needed by a sold-out Leftist President. 

Bill kept the strong support of both southern black preachers and northern union bosses on election day.  He then proceeded to destroy the standing of their constituents for his two terms in office.  NAFTA-style “free trade” sunk the trade unions while Bill and Hillary’s newly energized war on crack gangs moved blacks steadily from poverty to prison.  The welfare queens of Wall Street basked in the generosity of Alan Greenspan at the Fed, a man as sold out as Bill himself.

I know from experience that when talking with Bill you naturally want to believe what is being said, to wish to go along.  That is even when one already knows the man actually deserves the credibility of the devil himself.  The only promises Bill can be trusted to deliver on are his most crooked ones.

On the other hand, Hillary Clinton is a woman with no detectable talent whatsoever.  It is a testament to Bill’s tenacity that he was ever able to float that woman as a national candidate, not through just one mega-failure, but through two. 

Bill was the honcho for sure, until I came along.  Hillary would have become a high school principal for a life, if she had not married Bill.

Hillary as Bill’s shadow on the ballot does though have many more than nine lives it seems.  Her plutocrat supporters never leave her and Bill, even now. 

Does she really plan to punish the voters again with a 2020 Presidential campaign?  Is there never an end then to scandal and failure ruining the Democratic Party?

I should have taken Bill & Hillary down even before the 2016 primaries as I so wanted to.  Way beyond the email imbroglio and Clinton Foundation corruption, I am aware of much more WMD to explode the Clintons with.

Yet, the top would not hear of it.  Instead of weaponizing me against Bill & Hillary, the big bosses chose those two as the next President instead of my candidate, that screechy numbskull Elizabeth Warren, se easily controlled. 

So, Michelle and I had to support Hillary in every way in her campaign, something very hard to take.  Warren would not even run without the approval I was not allowed to give her.  What could I do?

Well, this was one time Barack was right and the bosses were wrong. 

By late September it became obvious that, even if Hillary could be dragged across the finish line as the winner, she will not be able to govern, including launching the world war that was planned along with the vital spin.  The fault for global collapse could otherwise end up with the responsible parties instead, red-handed so to speak.

By far most Americans absolutely distrust and dislike that woman, just as I and Michelle do.  It was a real obstacle to elective office for Hillary, even in the US.  The American voters would have committed suicide before 2020 with her in the Oval Office.

With Hillary losing the election, the mass of citizens brought low by globalization will finally have their turn in office, at least for a time, their unlikely hero suddenly the “most powerful man in the world”. 

Since these are the Americans that tend to own lots of guns, Hillary was just a terrible, terrible fit from every perspective. Amid chaos, it is far better to keep these people a little happy anyway. 

So, let the rednecks have their day in the sun then, it was decided in November.  That plan would actually work better now for the people that count. 

So, the deal with Donald Trump was made at the last minute.  Neither side plans to honor the deal, not my angle of the deal for sure.

The election ballot dogs were called off nationwide.  George Soros was stabbed in the back with a dozen knives, just like Julius Caesar.  Hillary went down in flames like a wicked witch.  Congratulations, President Trump!  Welcome to my place (now your place).

The Path Forward

How can you hate a guy as unlucky as Trump is certain to become?  Poor Melania has not seen anything yet when it comes to hatefulness towards her husband!


It makes me laugh now, just a couple of months into his Presidency, how Trump is bowing to the Masters, only changing the marketing of national propaganda in some helpful ways.  He now usually promises to do the things that are required of him.

I am of the camp that Trump is a coward through-and-through driven by a desperate need for approval.  So, he is now a part of the global plan dropping all pretension at independence ever.

Others think he is just lying, not just to the public, as always, but even with his secret promises that keep him in office.

There is absolutely zero chance Trump survives what is coming in the end of things.  If the Deep State does not simply take him out, then the financial implosion now being prodded by the Federal Reserve is certain to push Trump under the bus permanently.  Trumpvilles will dot the landscape like its 1929 again.  The fault for collapse will mostly lie with America’s buffoon.

So, impeachment is the best-case scenario here for Trump.  It is best for him personally.  Trump is not up to what it takes to keep control in the aftermath anyway.  The new President Pence seems ready to impose the measures that will be required of him.

Trump thinks he has pacified the CIA and the Pentagon with his missile attack on Syria and his warmongering toward North Korea.  JFK thought the same thing when it came to Vietnam policy.  Eisenhower before JFK thought he had the hounds of war on a leash. Right.

There is nothing the Bosses detest more than being double-crossed by fake news from a major asset.  If Trump tries again to jump in bed in with Putin, Democrats will be the least of his worries.  Trump is not fooling anyone that counts, so far anyway.  With no big war ending the China/Russia challenge and creating the blame for Western collapse, there will be no Trump, sooner rather than later. The new world order is truly coming this time.

Enough of the negative though. Just emphasize that all of the death and destruction, our dive into national poverty, even the end of America, will all be well worth it.  Once the Empire in its new global formulation rules the world, all will be well forever.

That new world polity needs great leadership, just like mine.  I am assured to be in the running for World President given my incredible loyalty for so long, embedded in my heart now. I will serve the emperors so well, as always.

An Achilles’ Heel

I do say though there is an awful predator at work today in world affairs who threatens even the Masters of the Universe.  He is a man I was compelled to bring to heel or worse, so the seed of his destruction has already been sewn.

I personally do not want war with Russia, or with China for that matter.  Despite appearances, I find war far too messy and dangerous, even for national leaders.  A lot of very important people could actually get killed in this big war. 

One has to be a lot slicker than just bombing and invading, like that simpleton George Bush, the Younger, and now buffoon Trump.

It is the evil demon Vladimir Putin in the Kremlin who is forcing global war onto the agenda.  Since 2003, this foolish man has refused to take his marching orders, ending the Yeltsin years that were so bountiful for so many, including Putin. 

There has been a push for the man’s assassination since then.  It nearly happened recently on a Moscow street and, earlier, high above the battlefield in eastern Ukraine.  The man is as slippery as that other menace Putin now supports, Edward Snowden.

Taking out Putin in Russia, standing alone, does not look so difficult: Just crash the economy through monetary and trade manipulation and then fund and arm the protests and infiltrate and bribe the local elite, the standard color revolution formula. 

If it were only that simple in Putin’s case.

First of all, Western NGOs, George Soros and everything Soros-like has been evicted from Russia by Putin!  How can the Empire conduct politics in Russia in the face of this kind of tyranny by Putin?  This behavior definitely crosses my red line.

Even worse, Putin has somehow persuaded China, for real, to go all-in with Russia in a huge gamble against the Empire itself.  They pretend to be able to defy the Empire, even a return to a form of the gold-standard.


Iran has also signed on with Putin 100%, therefore bringing along its mini-Iraq, too.  Defector nations to the Eastern alliance are now popping up everywhere, including those that have been staunch US allies.

If there were a war successfully started sometime soon, it is hard to guess in which direction the missiles will be flying in the case of, for instance, Turkey or The Philippines.  No matter.  Those nations can be turned to toast as well.

But China is a different matter, especially when combined with Russia.  That combination spells doom for the West and its Masters in a global war. 

That is not, it turns out, acceptable, even to the neo-cons, cowards to a person.  After winning the war, the Chi-Coms might dig Dick Cheney out of his bunker and give him the justice he so deserves.

So, the global uncertainty and fevered positioning continues.  The US cannot ignite the trigger until China seems to approve a NATO attack on Russia by sitting on the sideline, at least. 

Trump is lying about his progress in China on this, too.  This comes after fumbling his chumminess with Putin to no benefit whatsoever.  Putin can be played now (by the right kind of player). 

So, yes, I have good reason to hate Vladmir Putin for what he has done to the Empire and to my own reputation in certain small ways.  I have every hope and expectation that Putin will see his own downfall very soon.

But does a competitor truly hate the proven master in his art?  Can one be the truest demon simply for winning, for a while, against the odds, on the biggest stage of all?  We both drink from the cup of Machiavelli.

I do have to admire Putin at least as much as I hate him.

The Intruder Who Stole the Golden Chalice

No, there is only one man who has become the bane of my life ever since his arrival on the political scene.

Yes, maybe this mass surveillance thing was getting a bit out of control.  Spying on every person across the globe is a bit much.

It was not me, by the way, responsible for this development either.  Bush the Younger spied on Angela Merkel and the Salvation Army just like I do (did).

Back in the day, no one really bothered the Feds over privacy intrusions, just a bunch of conspiracy kook theories anyway.  It was so sweet to know everything about everyone, like some kind of deity (something I DO NOT pretend to). 

Omniscience over communications is quite a bargaining advantage to have.

But, no more.  Everyone now believes my Pretorian Guard is reading every communication they have, monitoring every deposit or withdrawal they make from a bank.  Now the encryption evasions and the guarded language and methods abound like locust.

You see, some little man from nowhere ruined everything by ripping open the curtain of secrecy at the CIA/NSA altogether.  This is a US citizen with the highest security clearance and access to most of the Empire’s greatest secrets.

Somehow, someway that little man is not suffering in a hellhole prison right now (for betraying his country).  Instead, he sits in a Kremlin coffee house sipping tea with Putin.  There is no god.

Trump is supposed to take care of this man, too, with Putin’s help.  We will see.

So, I hate Edward Snowden.  But the main reason is something much more personal to me than just an excellent piece of espionage.  There is a dangerous contrast afoot.

This man Snowden is the truest form of national patriot.  It’s been proven.

Edward Snowden

Snowden left a soft life with high prestige in exchange likely for a prison cell, all just to warn Americans and the world about the Western mass surveillance they were largely unaware of.

Snowden works now for no one.  He was not trying to get ahead.  He has not cashed in on his fame.  He collects whistleblower medals around the world (though he can seldom attend the ceremony).  Snowden remains though vilified in the US, including by Trump.  The US propaganda bubble anyway, remains very secure.

Now, just suppose, somehow things do not work out well over the next few months or years.  Suppose there is the mother of all financial crashes.  Maybe a war that does not work out well at all.

Suppose the Masters and their minions, instead of continuing to reign, become lucky to stay in exile, rather than face the sheeple turned very nasty, indeed: The Masters even becoming the hunted.  For god’s sakes, even Bill, Hillary and Barrack could be in scalding water.

So, in that event, someone else will be writing the pages of US history for the early 21st Century.  At least in theory, the new US polities that emerge could return to serving free people operating free markets.  Even the many crimes of the Empire might be publicly exposed.

Such a place would look very unkindly upon many of the events during my administration and from the time of the earlier Presidents since Jimmy Carter. 

I could become the demon, a huge reason for the US’s failure, the puppet of the Merchants of Death, complicit in the later death of many millions, the window-peeping spy, the man who sold out his people, the frontman for global corruption.

And this traitor Snowden would suddenly be a grand figure in US history!

As I said, there is no god.

But, somewhat like Putin, Snowden cannot be the truest of demons either. 

Though I do hate him, I admire Snowden also, for his courage and selflessness and for his exacting methods in espionage.  Sometimes the good guys do win, for a time.

What is there a Goldman vampire could truly bite into with Snowden anyway?

A Misled Youth

In a Playboy magazine interview in the year of his death, 1972, Saul Alinsky said, in the unlikely event there is a heaven and a hell, he would choose hell for himself, a place where he could find “my kind of people”.

Presumably, Alinsky would later unite along the River Styx with Bill, Hillary, Donald and Vladimir in their mutual, perpetual agony and gaming.

Am I one of those people?  Good thing there is no heaven or hell.

I was a guy without a father, without standing or prestige, raised by a crazy mother. I started as a hustler and not just in politics.

Only actually now, do I see that I am still that hustler, one now surrounded by grandiosity and tremendous self-imminence.  I was the Wizard of Oz, sadly, a grand manipulator behind a curtain.

I could have been so much more. 

I might have somehow closed the US racial divide forever, reaching MLK’s promised land of color blindness.

I might have brought peace and freedom to the 21st Century by pushing over the ambitions of the Empire rather than feeding them.  My revelations could have made Edward Snowden a piker.

I could have been even bigger than Lincoln or even Washington.

Because I have always known I have this extraordinary talent to motivate and organize people, to frame reality for others in compelling ways.  I do inspire trust and devotion of the truest form, no doubt.

What does a young guy know about politics anyway, except the fact it is the field you are made for.

You frame the policy ideas only later, all driven by that same basic reason, to get on top of the political world.

I embraced the “Rules for Radicals” for its methodologies, not actually for the collectivist viewpoints that Alinsky brought along.  I am sure the same is very true for Hillary when it comes to Alinsky’s work.  Only, only winning counts for that mega-loser.

A young guy raised in Hawaii and Indonesia, like me, does not know much about economics either.  How was I supposed to know that socialism and cronyism are the worst of economic models?

It was really the Ivy League orthodoxy on economics and left-wing politics that sold me on all policy positions.  There was one political side or the other to choose from inside of the welfare/warfare State.  I went along with my Harvard professors and, consequently, the policy agenda of Alinsky, too. 

So, I won big time at community organizing in Chicago with the Alinsky methods.  I embraced propaganda, forgery, fraud, theft and hubris, whatever it took to win.  It swept me to the White House above a sea of Hope.

Yet, I knew on the night of my election that my urge to win had come with a large price-tag to pay, one I would honor.  The Masters had won again.  I was now their man forever.


It was my urge to win that later drove me fully into the arms of the neocon and neoliberal global wars.   Believe me, I had no such plans of my own.  I wanted to be a peace President.

It is my urge to win that may well prove to be my downfall.  It has contorted my soul.

The Rules for Radicals brought out the very worst in me. I became a monster instead of a hero, if the truth be known.  Nothing good at all came of it in the end,
like trying to save Brezhnev’s Soviet Union.

So, I truly hate Saul Alinsky in every way, wishing he had never been born.

For not allowing for the Change that was promised to the People, after all of the Hope that I inspired.  Editor