Fifteenth Edition
March 20 2020


Who Has Shaped the World the Most? 

The Dozen Greatest Achievers

As tough Teddy Roosevelt famously said more than hundred years ago:

“It is not the critic who counts; …. The credit belongs to the man who is actually in the arena, …. who does actually strive to do the deeds …. who .... best knows, in the end, the triumph of high achievement ....”

Who have been the top movers and shakers prevailing in the global arena?

It is a lasting result that counts the most in achieving things in broad social terms.  Never great style only, ala JFK. Seldom genius alone, at least in things social.  Story

Odd Business at Twitter

In today’s political world, there is one place everyone must join, even without a Facebook account.

Twitter is the online platform that has become the singular global square for interactive discussion of political people and events.  Surprisingly, Twitter has no real competition as the titan for this niche in the West and well beyond.   The far smaller Reddit does not have the focus on politics that Twitter offers, though you will find on Reddit far better discussion of public policy issues.  Facebook’s market-share in this space has steadily diminished.

Twitter’s top-dog status on political talk is also in place when compared to platforms that concentrate on a single country’s own market.  None match Twitter’s usage in those countries. 

Twitter at first helped make Donald Trump the President without really trying to.  Then Trump became the guarantor of Twitter’s dominance in its marketplace, despite Twitter’s Leftist identity. 

This is all very odd, indeed.  Story

The Age of Chaos, by Robert Gore

You will be on your own during the Age of Chaos.

Once upon a time there was a village right next to a volcano. The villagers spent much of their time watching the volcano, which perpetually sputtered, smoked, and fumed. When they first awakened, they’d look up to it. At night they’d watch its lava glow against the dark sky. A special class of villagers instructed them on how to interpret the volcano and how they must live their lives to propitiate it.

Much of what the village produced was gathered by the special class, an offering tax that was supposedly left in a secret spot at the foot of the volcano (somehow the special class always lived better than everyone else). Unusually intense rumblings of the volcano terrified the villagers. The special class would tell them what village security demanded—usually higher offering taxes and more power for the special class—to prevent an eruption. One day there was an earthquake. A fissure opened and swallowed the entire village and its special class. The volcano never erupted Story

US Healthcare, Socialism Then Soaked in Cronyism

An Enviable Beginning

In 1954, when the US Congress reversed an IRS ruling and thereby made employer provided health insurance non-taxable, the life-expectancy in the country was nearly 70 overall and approximately 65 for minority Americans.  There was no crisis for anyone in access to healthcare.  The cost of healthcare, even hospitalization, was affordable and essentially stable.  

Hospitals and physicians were paid whatever the market demand for medicine allowed for.  As a business model the physician was the proprietor and the patient was the paying customer.

In 1954, less than one-half of American families had health-insurance coverage.  Many of them, including among the elderly, had coverage unconnected to their employment, past or present, often lifetime insurance policies for individuals.  Story

Is Trump Foreign Policy Designed Backwards to Disrupt the Empire?
According to US conservatives, Donald Trump’s MAGA has served to sharpen the bristles of US foreign policy reigning in the competing global powers with sanctions and far reaching power-plays in trade and weaponry, way beyond Obama and even Clinton.

Even the death zombie Dems have to applaud Trump at times, when he bombs Syria on fake news or sanctions Russia even more or tries to overthrow the Venezuelan government with gangster tactics.  The billionaires’ media finally finds its President then.

So, the self-serving assessment in Washington is that Trump the Terrible has been successfully compromised into fully supporting Empire games of endless war and chaos, just like his recent predecessors.  The conclusion becomes there is simply is no resisting the US intelligence agencies that are the spearpoint for Congress’ faithful alliance with the Merchants of Death, 1tr a year and vastly growing.

The assessment of MAGA in foreign capitals is little different.  The reaction is one of complete alarm though, as the Psycho Empire seems to be building toward truly catastrophic war.  Story

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