October, 2008


 Typically, there is not enough difference between selecting a Republican or a Democrat as President to make a reasonable freedom-fighter take sides.  Usually, there is a third and much better choice on the ballot.  That is not the case in 2008.


 The third-party choice on the Presidential ballot for someone who believes in reviving the federal constitution is Libertarian nominee Bob Barr.  But is the candidate truly a libertarian?  Here is a man who before losing his congressional seat in Georgia as a far right-wing Republican voted in favor of the Patriot Act and sponsored a federal law to outlaw medical cannabis use nationwide.   He was a George Bush lapdog in most ways.

Not so many cable news shows have been calling Bob Barr since his defeat at the polls.  Plainly, he misses the media limelight and is willing to say whatever might be necessary to make him relevant again.  His stop at the LP lacks all credibility in our Party of Principle.

The Barr campaign shows no signs of matching the dismal showing of Harry Browne in 2000 and 2004.  It is a rarity to have Barr’s name included in polling or mentioned by the mainstream press.  Not a single national television ad has been run by the national LP.

In this election there is a real difference for our nation between electing John McCain and Barack Obama.  With no legitimate hero for freedom on the ballot, believers in limited government should consider a practical vote this time.  Then the LP can get back to the drawing board in finding a candidate who can truly inspire the message of freedom with insight and integrity.  

 The nation is all but assured to elect a Congress run by Democrats (unfortunately).  That alone is enough to avoid a Barack Obama administration that would place our nation on an expressway to socialized medicine, massive growth in labor union power and greater spending on those refusing to account for themselves in so many ways.   Divided government in Washington is the only remedy against excessive spending under the present circumstances, as Bill Clinton’s last six years in office so plainly proved.  Divided government was the only reason the federal budget was actually in surplus eight years ago.

Indeed, John McCain is an ideal conservative to veto misguided and wasteful spending by Washington while under the control of a Democratic Congress.  We know the age of earmarks would be ended by John McCain along with the practice of adorning popular, necessary legislation with pork barrel projects: one subject, one vote.  Socialized medicine will not happen under a President McCain.  Neither will trade protectionism or the abolition of the secret ballot in approving a labor union.

Admittedly, John McCain is nowhere near a libertarian.  He does not have the philosophical beliefs necessary to bring our national Constitution back.  He views the world in military terms mostly.  He seems to have a blind spot when it comes to protecting political speech from government rationing.  He is inclined to get into fights that often would be better never fought.  He would never bring the troops home.

But McCain is less likely to lead our nation into war than Barack Obama is to stumble his way into a war.

Foreign despots know better than to incite John McCain into retaliatory action.  Obama foreign policy oscillates between showy dinner dates with Kim Il Sung to bombing our ally Pakistan to declaring himself a citizen of the world while on foreign soil.  He is quite naïve and unsteady, indeed.

Think of the nation’s interest, shake your head and mark the ballot for John McCain in this most important of swing states.       Editor


  Insanity is often defined as doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different result.

 This year you have an opportunity to reject the failed policies of the two major political parties and instead cast your vote for real change – this year you can stop doing the same thing over and over while “hoping” for change somehow. This year you can vote Libertarian. You can vote for Bob Barr as our next President of the United States.

For far too long the Democratic Party and the Republican Party have abandoned American principles, abandoned the U.S. Constitution, and abandoned the American people.

Our nation cannot return to a path of constitutional government, lower taxes, respect for property rights, and the protection of individual liberty if we continue to allow ourselves to be duped into voting for a Hobson’s choice. We are deceived into believing there is a meaningful difference between the Democratic Party and the Republican Party. They are two wings on the same bird, one left and one right. Each wing leads our nation further down the path towards globalism, socialism, and fascism

Over the years much of the damage done to our nation has been the result of activist Supreme Court justices. Who you choose for President will decide the nominees submitted for consideration to serve on our Supreme Court. It is likely as many as four justices may retire during the next four years. The last few decades of our Supreme Court has been chosen by the collaboration between the Republican and Democratic parties 

Recently, American property rights were severely violated by the Kelo vs. New London decision – a horrific Supreme Court decision that clearly violates the Constitutional obligation to protect private property rights, not to act as an all-powerful “partner” with private developers forcing people to surrender our homes and businesses for the sake of “economic development”.

Bob Barr will appoint justices to the Supreme Court that will strictly interpret the Constitution as it was written. Barack Obama will appoint Justices who reinvent the Constitution every day. John McCain will too. John McCain supported the repression of our individual political free speech with his McCain-Feingold “campaign finance reform” bill.


As the two major political parties continue to lead our nation toward ruin, destroying capitalism and free markets, we have just witnessed the most catastrophic abuse of our federal government we have ever seen; the “Wall Street Bailout Bill” which was passed to “rescue” private banks and lending institutions. Folks, those mortgage contracts are a private matter between the parties involved.  They are not the responsibility of the American taxpayers to “bail out”. 

Both Senator McCain and Senator Obama voted for this blatant abuse of our tax dollars and of federal powers. Sadly, President Bush signed this bill into law.

It does matter who we elect as President. Bob Barr vehemently opposed the “Wall Street Bailout Bill”. Bob Barr understands the free market and the proper role of our federal government. Bob Barr has one major objective when he is elected to serve our nation as our President. His primary objective is to restore our federal government to the limitations as defined by our Constitution and to reduce federal spending and lower taxes for the American people.

The difference between Bob Barr, Barack Obama, and John McCain is that you can believe Bob Barr when he tells you that he will reform Washington. Bob Barr isn’t a part of the oligarchy of the RNC and DNC political machine. Bob Barr is an American on a mission to return our nation to the constitutional government that we are entitled to as citizens of our sovereign nation. Bob Barr is your chance to vote to protect your liberty, your prop

It is quite the historic moment.        Reid Greenmun, Vice-Chair,Tidewater Libertarian Party

            In the last race for Virginia Beach mayor 20-year incumbent Meyera Oberndorf came within a day or so of going unchallenged on the ballot.  Local libertarian Robert Dean made sure that did not happen.  Putting a campaign together on the run Dean ran a close second to Meyera in a three way race with only a 17% voter turnout.

           This time around, Meyera has three opponents.  It is a quite a different race and not just because it is in November for the first time instead of May. 

            The coalition of city workers and business special interests that re-elected Meyera last time is split down the middle by the candidacy of councilman Will Sessoms, another well-known spreader of the average citizen’s wealth.  Sessom’s half-million plus campaign budget largely attacks Meyera.

           Could this be the year for the freedom-fighter in the race to win the race for mayor! 

The candidate backing greater freedom this year is John Moss, longtime champion of the suffering taxpayers.  John is well-known in his public career and is clearly identified on the economic issues that are key to this year’s election.  His dedicated supporters make up for his modest campaign treasury.  Moss is the obvious choice for a protest vote against the big spending city council.  The bigger the turnout for the election the less important becomes the 10,000 or so city voters who view themselves as dependent on increased city spending.  This November turnout is likely to be 60% plus.


           As Virginia Beach mayor Moss would shake up City Hall in a way it has never seen.  City subsidies for big special interest projects will likely come to an end.  The city’s books would be uncooked for all to see.  Wasteful spending would be exposed and eliminated.  Maybe even movement towards choice in education might occur.

            All it takes to win this time is 35% or so of the vote.  It is a special opportunity for the cause of freedom locally.

             Yes we can, John Moss!  Yes, we can!         Editor


Humans have always peered into the future.  The most eloquent have become leaders of men, but have usually found their prophecies to turn out untrue.  That pattern has not though ended the practice by far.

So, what can the next President expect to face according to the collected experience and predictions of humankind?

1.  Many say America is in the midst of a repeat of the folly of the 1929 Wall Street crash.  Will 25% unemployment come again and last for a decade? 

History books say the Great Depression after the Wall Street crash was largely due to increased federal taxation and trade protectionism introduced by President Herbert Hoover. 

One 2008 candidate recommends that same course.  The other candidate cannot stop huge tax increases given the certain majority to be in Congress and the 2010 expiration of the Bush tax cuts.   Trade protectionism is certain to be a Congressional favorite.

Is America bound to repeat the 1930’s no matter what?

2. The fall of ancient empires from Rome to Mongolia to the Aztecs was rooted in privilege and greed.  Way beyond just the modern nobility, all of the American and European citizenry has reached the privilege of big entitlements for little to no personal effort.  No past civilization has faced such a thoroughgoing debasement of productivity. 

Is our modern world truly able to pay everyone forever for doing nothing?

3. Forty years ago the collective scientific wisdom was that the world was already entering a new ice age.  Now, of course, the wisdom is that the earth will grow ever hotter instead.  Yet, temperatures have been constant across the globe for almost ten years.

But the lurch in global warming from hand-wringing theories to debilitating government dictate has reached critical mass, despite the weather.

On this score, predictions of future climate, will humans be correct for once or wrong once again? 

4. Judeo-Christian tradition believes in the coming of Armageddon and then Salvation due to the disastrous reign of an evil leader who arose from troubled times. 

Will justice truly win out in the worst case scenario no matter who wins the election?

5. The ancient South American Incas were quite the prophetic lot.  Better than most, Inca civilization recognized long-term natural cycles and created a calendar superior in some ways to our present calendar.  The key number in the Incan calendar was “8”.

The world-wide natural catastrophe ending present times under Inca tradition will occur on or near December 26, 2012.  Exactly eight years prior to that date a massive Indian Ocean earthquake killed 250,000 people under thunderous tsunamis. 

Could our next President be our last?

6. In the 17th Century fictional author Alexander Tyler, actually a Scottish lord, summarized the plight of democracy.


A democracy cannot exist as a permanent form of government. It can only exist until the voters discover that they can vote themselves money from the public treasure. From that moment on, the majority always votes for the candidates promising the most money from the public treasury, with the result that democracy always collapses over loose fiscal policy followed by a dictatorship. The average of the world's greatest civilizations has been two hundred years. These nations have progressed through the following sequence: from bondage to spiritual faith, from spiritual faith to great courage, from courage to liberty, from liberty to abundance, from abundance to selfishness, from selfishness to complacency, from complacency to apathy, from apathy to dependency, and from dependency back to bondage." .

 The US National Debt presently is $37,000 per man women and child and rising daily with no possible end in sight. The United States annual deficit for 2009 may reach one trillion dollars, unless something bad happens again that will cost that much more.  Even worse, new big spending legislation that is supposedly good for us will probably pass.

Yet, most Americans are still eagerly holding their hand out for any kind of free-ride they can vote for. 

      Is America slipping from apathy to dependency?              Editor


        This newspaper warned the 2000 presidential election could, for the first time since 1876, end with a President-elect that had fewer popular votes nationwide than his opponent achieved.  When George W. Bush that year overcame his 500,000 vote deficit by a narrow Electoral College victory over Al Gore this newspaper bemoaned the American public’s yawning indifference to such an unjust, illogical result.  No other established democracy in the world allows the loser in vote totals to win an office outright.

        In 2004, if John Kerry had received 120,000 more votes in the State of Ohio, he would have been carried to victory even though George W. Bush won almost 52% of the national vote.  Would the public have shrugged again?  That result would though have been poetic justice for Bush.

        In 2008 an Electoral College boomerang is definitely in the cards again if the election is close.  This time it is more likely to benefit the Democrat say the experts.

 "The Electoral College is an anachronism that should have been abolished by the time U.S. Senators no longer were appointed by state legislatures. It certainly should have been abolished by the time the principle of “one man, one vote” became the Constitutional standard.  The only importance of the Electoral College under modern law and practice is to possibly cause the loser to win or to throw the election into chaos in the U.S. House of Representatives.   It is a canard that balkanizing the national vote and the campaigns of candidates in this way promotes federalism.  The opposite is true.  The Electoral College undermines the equality of States as well as voters.

For way over a hundred years bills have languished in Congress and State legislatures seeking to amend the Constitution to allow for the election of the President and Vice-President by national vote totals.  If finally passed, then votes in Ohio and Florida and Missouri would no longer count so much more than the votes in the vast majority of States.  There would then be no corrupt power plays in the House or in the U.S. Supreme Court or in Florida, etc. deciding the election.  The loser could not win.  All of the voters would decide the election every time.

It is time our nation adopted the usual practice in the free world for presidential elections: a run-off election three weeks later for the top two vote-getters in cases where the first ballot winner failed to receive 50% of the national vote.  That method ensures a majority of voters elects the president, yet allows a wide competition for votes by various political parties in the first round.

If the election of George W. Bush and his disastrous reign was not enough to end the Electoral College, possibly an Obama administration that should have never been will finally make all the difference.    Editor   

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