At the time, the entire enterprise appeared to most people to be a waste, if not an embarrassment.


With one month to go before the election one poll of Alaskan Republicans showed Joe Miller mustering only 24% of the vote in his Senate challenge.  His campaign had one-tenth of the money the Lisa Murkowski campaign had.  Miller had no big time political experience, no polling available, no future debates to rely on and little name-recognition beyond his home community of Fairbanks.  His opponent was the well-liked princess of a thirty year Alaska political dynasty.  Miller’s message of much smaller government seemed at odds with an electorate that has reveled in federal pork barrel spending for more than a generation.

But miracles do happen.  This one was no great surprise to those closely attuned to the message that was that was delivered by Alaska voters on election day.  Joe Miller knew what was brewing, as he said many times over the last month of the campaign.  The political frame of reference has changed forever in the Last Frontier.

The media cites a couple of primary reasons for the upset, the last-minute spending by the Tea Party Express, the stealthy support of Sarah and Todd Palin, Joe’s strong resume, even Lisa Murkowski’s alleged failure to plummet to the depths of false attack ads soon enough.  None of these are the main reason though Joe Miller is about to be the Republican nominee for United States Senate.

The main reason is that a critical mass of conservative Alaskans simply cannot take it anymore.  They are beaten down by the waste, the corruption, the invented money, the blatant lies, the power grabs and the stifling of everyone’s life in ways unimaginable not very long ago.  Many, many Alaska voters want to be freed from most of the kind mercies of Washington, D.C., are willing to allow the other States the same freedom and will accept all consequences, good and bad.  Many believe it is time to assume Alaska’s proper role as one of fifty sovereign governments that constitute the United States of America.  It is long past time for the citizens of Alaska to control the land and its resources.  Playing the game of power politics in Washington is now a moral hazard to be avoided, no matter how skilled past Alaska politicians have proven in that destructive trade.

In the end, there was little Lisa Murkowski could do to staunch the tidal wave.  Joe Miller was so effective in his message of deliverance that the wave for liberty coalesced and strengthened with each day.  Alaska wants to succeed or fail on its own, while remaining part of the greatest national union the world has ever known.  Joe Miller wants to see that happen, naïve as it may seem.  He does not pretend though to have all of the answers.  The ultimate answers lie with a free people.

So, thirty days on, the day after the primary election, Joe Miller is driving the family back to Fairbanks from Anchorage while ignoring the urgent calls from Fox News, CNN, MSNBC and others for interviews.  It is a natural response because Joe and Kathleen Miller have both feet forever planted in Alaska. Their closest supporters have no doubt that could ever change.