….Passing Events and People ….

Alaska's Courts
Pass on Secession from the Union

              It is a maxim in the law that courts are ill-suited to decide politically-charged cases.  But sometimes they must.
             The Alaska courts were faced in consecutive lawsuits with the question of whether it would be lawful for a citizens' vote to mandate independence as a Nation for Alaska.  The Alaska Constitution is silent on the question of secession from the United States, just as the US Constitution is.  The eleven Southern states that seceded in 1861 were forcibly returned to the Union years later under military occupation.  In 1865 the US Supreme Court unsurprisingly held that secession somehow was unconstitutional.  If the Dred Scott decision helped launch the Civil War, the secession case had no effect at all on the war.  The matter of secession has not been addressed in substance again by the federal courts.  One would expect this question would have instead been resolved through a constitutional amendment as the abolition of slavery and civil equality for all citizens were enacted in the wake of the Civil War.

            Every judge through the trial and appeals courts in Alaska dutifully held that secession from the United States would be unlawful and therefore not a proper subject  for a citizen's referendum.  Alaska made a dissoluble choice in 1959 the courts held.  Presumably, even a unanimous
vote of the Alaska legislature to secede from the United States would be nullified as unconstitutional.
             Surely, the courts were not saying Mr. Jefferson's Declaration of Independence would now be unconstitutional? 

The plaintiff in the Alaska secession case was Scott Kohlhaas, Chairman, Alaska LP, as a private citizen.  The ALP does not endorse secession from the Union for Alaska, but takes no position contrary to Mr. Jefferson's on the matter of how societies are best organized and how governments are legitimately created and rejected.


New Business Model


        There is a new way of doing things in Washington, D.C.  Congress is now passing out special immunity to the laws it enacts, for a price of course.

         Just look at the Democrat health-care bill.

         Florida’s Medicare recipients are exempt from higher Medicare costs every other older American is going to have to pay.  Nebraska negotiated a complete exemption from increased Medicaid costs the other 49 states will be required to pay.  Louisiana took a more conventional $300m straight up bribe.

         And Congress is not alone in this progression.

        President Obama proposes that newly hired Americans will not have the federal withholding tax applied to their wages.  His housing program wipes away most federal tax liabilities for home buyers. 

      Our Federal Reserve Bank has, of course, run amok with its secret powers to hand over trillions of newly invented dollars to anyone who strikes the Chairman's whim. 

      All these special categories of handouts are going to prove quite complicated to keep track of over time.  The federal tax code special interest disease has now afflicted all of federal law. 

       It is a natural evolution for an ever more powerful and corrupt government.


Keynesianism Vindicated

Headline: The financial recession is over for Great Britain!  The nation returned to growth, a whopping .001 increase in GDP over the 4th quarter of 2009.  All it took was a few trillion pounds of government giveaways to induce this economic miracle.


The Lion Failed

       Who sunk a government takeover of health-care?  It was Ted Kennedy before it was Scott Brown.

         Kennedy was diagnosed with incurable brain cancer long before the November, 2008 election.  Had Kennedy retired as the best interests of Massachusetts called for, his successor would undoubtedly be enacting ObamaCare from the Democratic side of the aisle this year.

         The Lion of the Senate had his grandest cause slain by his own hubris.


The Same Business Model?

 New Senator Scott Brown says he is an independent and a freedom fighter.  Yet, his political life thus far has been as a conventional Republicrat supporting steady expansion of the Welfare/Warfare State.

           The real party independents in Massachusetts may one day end up wishing they had backed the true freedom fighter on the ballot in January, Joseph Kennedy of the Liberty Party.



Alaska's Jobs Solution

             Now that it appears three members from the Bush may lose their seats due to population changes in the state, several members of the Alaska Legislature have come up with a jobs bill for their colleagues and even newcomers; just expand the legislature by twenty percent.  

            The costs will only be $8,000,000 this year and then taper off to $5,000,000 annually forever thereafter.  Alaska would then have twelve new legislators to further drain the people's resources dry.

            What a stimulus!