But for Which Candidate?

Rumor has it the Republican Party's get out the vote effort in the final days of the Alaska election met unusual challenges. The effort was exclusively manned by Joe Miller supporters, of course.

Fewer voters than usual seemed to be answering their phones or returning calls to the Party. Far fewer who did answer the phone seemed to be Miller supporters, quite the opposite. The targeted households who answered their doors often seemed cool to Miller's candidacy.

How so many missteps can happen when using local polling data only two weeks old is indeed an oddity. Where were the Miller potential voters located so recently?

Maybe the organization that reviewed the early Republican polling and made the list of phone numbers to call and addresses to knock at could help solve the mystery, the National Republican Senatorial Committee.  Hopefully, inquiring minds will eventually solve this Alaska mystery through the odd absence of a NRSC paper trail that should have revealed the truth.  Lawyers will be everywhere.

How does that happen so often in modern US politics?


Cuba's Second Revolution

Cuba's socialist police state finally has decided to follow past communist regimes that successfully established a private-sector economy alongside single Party hegemony in governing, like China and Vietnam.

Fidel Castro, 84, has allowed his brother Raul, 79, to bring his revolution to his brother's 1958 revolution.

Today, state employment is universal in Cuba. Indeed, it has always been a crime in Fidel's Cuba for one Cuban to employ another Cuban. All that has changed overnight. Some 500,000 Cubans were just given pink slips by the State. Over the next three years, 800,000 more will get their walking papers. All are being encouraged to establish and profit from new small businesses now allowed in many sectors of the economy. The new Cuban private-sector is hoped to reach 40% of the jobs in Cuba by 2013.  Real estate ownership by the citizen is returning to Cuba.

By comparison, no important legislation is expected of the United States Congress or the Obama administration until possibly after the 2012 election. Bare-teethed gridlock has become the procedural religion in Washington. Tilting the US economy to Wall Street and Washington at the expense of American jobs remains the primary faith.

If only our greatest leaders in Washington could muster the vigor to stand for a freer economy in the way Fidel and Raul Castro now do. If only our leaders could concern themselves with the long-term benefit of the average citizen as the Cubans brothers obviously do.


Obama Drinks the Kool-Aid

President Obama's public policies have disappointed his supporters in many ways. It is even whispered by the Left Obama had sold out to Wall Street and the Military-Industrial-Complex even before he was nominated by the Democrats.  Obama's health-care tinkering and Wall Street reform and warfare escalation are models for special-interest legislation in the usual Republicrat mode.

About the only shred of leftist principle Obama has hung onto now is his demand that high-income earners not have their Bush tax cuts made permanent, including capital gains tax levels. This, of course, threatens to bring the effective tax rate for high-income earners much closer to the tax rates paid by other Americans. The middle 60% of earners now pay on average more than twice the rate the wealthy, investing class does. This gap could be closed by half through Obama's tax measure. The only overall economic argument made for high-end tax cuts is more Keynesian nonsense on the level of the Laffer curve (perfect name). When stated, Lafferism is a sure sign of Republicratism.

When FDR during the first Great Depression faced the utter destruction of the nation's wealth largely from Wall Street greed, the top income-tax rates grew to 97%. Even if revenge for past fraud caused many wrongheaded policies, the people who elected FDR received a large measure of justice for past wrongdoing by the rich at least.  It is simply the rule of law.  Aside from morality, widespread and widely known dishonesty much be punished for free markets to ever effectively operate again.  Otherwise, the dark side will continue to prevail. 

So different, the rubberlike Obama has twisted under pressure even on this remaining liberal ideal not already tossed aside. The President of the people is prepared to ensure the Wall Street outsized profits generated by the Federal Reserve will not reduce the burden of other taxpayers by one dollar. Those profits will remain in Wall Street pockets at the lowest tax rates in the nation. By silence, Obama's Justice Department confirms that the banksters' crimes over decades will never be investigated.  Justice is denied for the many so the few can continue their mobster life.

Let the people eat cake while the Masters gorge on counterfeit and influence.


New Employment Stimulus Hiring!

New Federal Positions


The TSA has openings for thousands of gropers at airports across the nation.   Help ensure the safety of the flying public by doing what you love to do. There are hundreds of thrills a day with this job.  No sexual assault laws apply to this particular job category by direction of the President.

Also, thousands of pornography fans and voyeurs are needed by TSA in airports to man the most revealing cameras known to modern science. See absolutely everything without them taking off a shoe (at least not there). The enjoyment of this job never stops if you can also adopt a humorous approach to the workplace. The pay is outstanding and so is something else.

Apply to Janet Napolitano, First Wench to President Barack Obama.