Election 2010:

Republican Power Bubble

Forgetful of their own blown reputation, the more warfare end of the Republicrat Party in America is celebrating its looming ascendancy on Capitol Hill following this year’s federal elections.  Nothing has changed in America's two-party politics, from the Republican point of view, despite the ongoing economic disaster.  Republicans are going to crush Democrats in November no matter what just because America’s economy continues to crumble under Obama’s rule just as it did under George Bush’s rule. 


Under this Republican bubble belief, every Democrat office-holder is imperiled by their Republican opposing candidate, but amazingly few Republican incumbents bear the same risk of being tossed from office just on general principles.  No one in Washington yet believes all of the bums would actually be thrown out of office, certainly not by a conservative tidal wave, a hugely soothing thought for conventional Republicans right now. 


Is the warfare end of our government about to have its turn at power again?  Will it happen, al a Scott Brown?

No, too late this November for most incumbent Republicans.  The emperor already appears to be without clothes.  The final disaster of endless paper money is already arriving for the United States.  The pyramid power structure of the two political parties has begun to crumble at its very base.  The people finally realize how they are being stolen from.


False money benefiting Wall Street and Washington, D.C. at the expense of American industry and jobs remains the pillar-stone of the Republicrat Party and always must be.  Pushing the Federal Reserve imaginary money machine has been the prime national policy since at least 1981 with the administration of Ronald Reagan, never more so than now.  

The Federal Reserve easy money-machine gives the American east-coast elite huge sums of newly printed “capital”, as if it were earned. Indeed, taking free Federal Reserve "capital" and handing it right back over in exchange for treasury bonds, in some quarters of the media, qualifies bankers as the smartest people on earth. 


  The Federal Reserve money printing is also the only way to fund everlasting warfare.

  20th Century Pyramid of Power  
       Dems                         Fed                           Reps  

No Republicrat could support the heresy of terminating the thieving  paymaster for the federal behemoth.  Few “conservative” Republican candidates anywhere will pass this simple test of fundamental belief in liberty, to end the special interest driven central banking system for a third time in our nation's history.  That course is the only return to sound money as this country practiced for most of its history and could do so again, hopefully forever this time.  The value and supply of money is far too tempting to leave to Wall Street and the Congress as the nation has learned again, like no time before. 


Let the free market again determine what the cost and supply of money is .  Make nations back the value of their currencies with something meaningful.  That simple measure should, by its nature, bring the overall supply of money into balance with the amount of wealth in the world economy available to be invested, the very balance that is needed to guide effective long-term growth.   

Equally as important, if the Federal Reserve was abolished diluting the value of the dollar with Federal Reserve counterfeit will no longer be available to the ruling class.  The federal government and Wall Street would then be forced to attract real wealth to fund their enterprises.  Endless budget deficits for the government and endless interest-free free money for Wall Street will simply no longer be possible.  Neither will multi-million dollar banker bonuses except in the rare case.

There is a second way to smoke out a "constitutionalist conservative” incumbent on policy grounds: withdrawing the United States as the bully boy in the world of nations.  Democrats merged with Republicans long ago on the massive need for militarism.

So, the counterfeiting by the third Bank of the United States must be the very root of an enlightened revolution.  The central pillar of the broken, corrupt system must certainly fall from a revolt grounded in opportunity for everyone.

The test of true belief in freedom will be easy to measure this election year and beyond.  One question: Should the Federal Reserve System be abolished?

The Republicrat evil religion of endless war across the globe at all costs will also soon be seen for what it truly is, even by the Republican grass-roots.  There is no legitimate national security policy reason for American soldiers to be fighting and dying in foreign civil wars.  The shadow of the Soviet bear passed twenty years ago, along with any need to be involved in foreign military conflicts.


The big difference this year compared to recent elections is that so many American voters have finally discovered the longstanding, willful destruction of the nation committed by the privileged, connected class.  Every American citizen presently owes $350,000 each for accrued debt and unfunded government promises while borrowing overseas and printing money far more than ever before.   The central policies of Obama’s Washington are unchanged from the Bush administration: hand trillions more to Wall Street and favored industries through one sleight-of-hand or another along with a commitment to endless war.


The crash of America's paper money cannot be far behind.  That will signal the forced end of the American military empire across the world.  False money has destroyed many such empires before. 

But, first, American voters this year will pass their first full judgment at the polls on the nation's implosion and on those responsible for it.  More Republicrat fantasies based on their magic money-machine will no longer suffice.  Any credible alternative candidate this year will beat most incumbent congressmen of either party.

All the blather in the television and print media will remain within the frivolous debates of the dual destroyers of freedom, Democrats and Republicans.  CBS, NBC, ABC and Fox are integral parts of the Washington, D.C. establishment.  All are owned by mega-corporations often fed at the federal trough by Congress.  But the script for election year 2010 and beyond will play out in different places in ways presently undreamt of.  The Tea Party will make certain of that.


Liberty’s rallying cry and litmus test is a return to sound American money.  Aggressive warfare must end along the way.  Nothing less will do.


End the Fed!  If you are not with us, you are largely against us.            Editor