Restoring the Constitution

More and more, people are in favor or returning to the historic meaning of the United States Constitution, a small federal government limited in its powers to those directly granted by the words of the Constitution.

Having gone so far away from this model of government, such a return seems an impossible dream.  So, how could the United States restore its Constitution in the wake of the present economic meltdown?    


It will be unfortunately a jarring, painful process for many citizens given the hole the Republicrats have dug, but less painful ultimately than a further descent into fascism.  Economic pain for a period of time is the price to be paid for not correcting our course back to liberty long before this disaster took hold.

All the impossible government promises will have to be forgotten.   The end of the welfare/warfare state will dislocate millions of workers as people leave unproductive lines of work created by the 70-year Washington, D.C. expansion bubble.  A return to free people and free markets could be derailed by opponents anywhere along the way, and then sent into reverse again. 

Once a majority in Congress in 2012 or 2016 is ready to make the leap back to the

 Constitution and freedom it must be decisive in order to allow liberty to work its magic.  It will not be long before an American economy freed from the chains of government shows people for the first time in their life what great national economic growth is.

 A top ten list of imperatives changes is shocking to many Americans though and quite threatening to the ruling class.

A Constitutional Conservative's List

Of Needed Changes

1. Abolish the Federal Reserve and return to sound money.

2.  Abolish over a few years Commerce, Education, Agriculture, Homeland Security, HHS, Labor and Energy transferring some functions.  Sharply reduce all other departments eliminating functions beyond the limits of the Constitution. 

3.   Bring all the troops home in short order ending the military-industrial-congressional complex.

4. Introduce job competition and cost incentives for all federal employees, especially military officers. (Former JAG Officer.)

5.  Impose means-tests for all federal entitlements ending entitlement accrual in most instances and ending all forms of corporate welfare promptly.  End all bailouts. Encourage charitable giving from the bully-pulpit and by personal example.  (States are responsible for subsistence programs for children and truly helpless adults.)

6.  Abolish most federal taxes once the national debt has gone way down.  Cut taxes over a few years at a rate less than the huge cuts in federal spending.

7.  Amend the Constitution to end the congressional powers under the Commerce Clause that were largely usurped during the last depression. Appoint judges who limit government to its enumerated powers unlike all of the present federal judges.

8.  Help break up the government education monopoly at the State level by encouraging competition and choice by word and example.

9. End entanglements with other nations that limit the freedom of our nation while pursuing one large exception, free-trade.   End over a short time the reliance of other nations on the military power of the United States.

10. Establish an enforced immigration policy that seeks to attract the best and brightest from across the world. 

Without question these comprehensive changes will spark a wave of protest and backlash from the privileged class using every slander and deceit on earth.  It could become generational warfare in America for a short time.  But the benefits of greater freedom for all across the board will become apparent quickly enough to almost everyone, other than those tossed from their undeserved high perches.  It could be the beginning of the first truly free nation for all, prosperous well beyond what any government edict could ever grant. 

And America’s exceptional character as the leader of freedom in the world would be proven once again.