By the end, it was a margin as small as 2,000 votes that separated the two contending US Senate candidates on election day. A third candidate had mustered 24% of the vote in the most divided and divisive election in the history of Alaska. No more than 40% of the total vote was captured by the winner. Within that winning total, the Alaska Natives voted in lockstep like never before for any candidate.

So, where does this point to for the future? Has liberty in Alaska suffered a body blow from the voters that shows it is outmatched, 2-1? What are the lessons from the Joe Miller insurgency? What does the unchanged Congress delegation from Alaska have in store? How have Alaska elections been changed?

There is an obvious change for Alaska politics in its basic character. The gloves are openly off on all sides. Honesty has no place in elections anymore, except as posturing. All of the media has a candidate it is selling. Any sum of money may be given for any kind of future benefit from the taxpayers. The collectivists will do anything to ensure their way of life, no moral barriers apply. Those demanding more liberty become more vocal and desperate as time goes on.

In a murky present set of circumstances, one other thing does seem to be clear, the Alaska Republican Party coalition has fractured in two. The Murkowski Republicans could not stomach the Millerites from the start back in April. The Miller supporters have learned to detest and distrust Lisa Murkowski and her enablers and always will. With a near tie for the “conservative” heartland of Alaska, the two sides are now embittered by charges of dishonesty and corruption. The two Republican ships in Alaska will not join paths again absent a miracle. The way Joe Miller and his supporters within the Party react to the conservative rupture, will tell whether the old structure of the party will be up for grabs. It will tell whether the two ships head into a collision course again

Whether the revolt of one-half of the conservative voters away from the Republican party leadership will be a positive for liberty is an open question. Where might the Tea Party find a home in Alaska among rough seas?

Maybe the best course would be to enact an election law that throws out the special legal privileges of political parties in the first place and thereby makes candidates for public office stand on their own merit.

What went wrong with the Miller campaign when things looked so certain for election after the Republican primary this year?

Yes, Senate Candidate Joe Miller had his share of personal faults, maybe more than some supporters ended up being fully comfortable with. He is no moral paragon. However, nothing as morally despicable as frightening and bribing the poorest people of Alaska was ever uncovered concerning Joe Miller.

Joe Miller ran a spirited campaign. Joe inspired people as few speakers are able to do. He came from nowhere with little money. He based his policy ideas on the liberty underpinnings of the United States Constitution when it comes to the proper limits on federal legislative powers. His supporters were more enthusiast and inventive than any in Alaskan memory. Joe Miller took strong stands that emphasized much smaller government and more personal responsibility. He had more courage on policy questions than other conservative candidates in Alaska have ever had.

Yet, the Miller campaign failed to adopt the remaining major items on liberty's agenda.

A combat soldier who knows war, Joe Miller failed to call for all of the troops overseas to finally come home. Since the fall of the Soviet Union twenty years ago, there has been no need for the United States to engage in foreign military conflicts of any sort. To many Alaskans, including veterans like your editor, this is actually the most pressing and only easy solution to our nation's mounting insolvency and weakness. It is the obvious way to ensure our bravest citizens never go to war without a full debate and a Declaration of War as the US Constitution has always required.  The many wars across the world should never be the military affair of the United States, unless our shores are threatened in a very real way.  One does not go to "War" as a nation against common criminals, wherever their crimes are launched from.   To suggest the USA has to engage in "War" against a small band of 7th Century crazies demonstrates how weak our leaders in Washington says our nation has become.

 It is a call to peace that draws voters that have in recent decades voted Democratic decidedly.

The Miller campaign failed to speak out against the longstanding onslaught on civil liberties in the United States. Joe Miller apparently supports legislation like the misnamed Patriot Act. He says nothing concerning President Obama's missile strikes and hit squads across the globe. True conservatives believe in the preservation of civil liberties and human rights. So do Democrats and Independents, equally as much.

Yet, the biggest failing for a freedom fighter this year, the Miller campaign did not address the administration of justice for the endless, greed-driven fraud that has characterized Wall Street and Washington since long, long before the start of the economic meltdown. The candidate favoring personal responsibility could not find any fault with the Wall Street tycoons and their enablers who have largely destroyed the nation's treasure. The candidate for liberty declined to answer whether he would vote to abolish the Federal Reserve, the centerpiece of federal corruption. Just like the opponents of endless war, the voters who wish to see justice finally for Wall Street and a gold standard have largely tended to date to vote Democratic.

So, liberty's full agenda may still have a chance in Alaska politics. Its prospects may improve in the face of the coming economic breakdown in Washington so famously predicted by Joe Miller and many other Alaskans. Instead of having socialism from Washington take over Alaska as is so often feared by conservatives, it seem more likely it will be the anarchy of breakdown that Alaskans will have to contend with, possibly suddenly on their own. Maybe leaders like Joe Miller would become the better choice to the voters during an historic meltdown.

So, what are the Alaska Congress incumbents to think of all of this 2010 craziness?

Certainly, Princess Lisa will be vindicated in her aristocratic ways. What does an aristocrat do after having just survived a close call on the loss of power? Lavishly reward her most loyal supplicants who helped her through the tempest. Those main supplicants now are the feather-bedding Alaska Native elite and, as always, the Alaska mafia with its ties to K Street lobbying.

A major coup is needed for Princess Lisa to bailout no-bid federal contracts for the Native corporations. Just about everyone in Congress other than our Princess have all but decided that no-bid federal contracting in all forms must go. As a junior member of the minority party in the Senate and a known weak figure in the first place, rewarding Lisa's Native alliance as promised looks quite dicey.

So, look for the Princess, so deft at self-advancement as the expense of loyalty and principles, to switch to the majority in the Senate, the Democrats, in a Hobbesian bargain to allow the Alaska Natives to continue gorging at the federal trough unabated at the expense of the American taxpayers. The Princess will need those Native leaders in six years given she has now destroyed the Alaska Republican Party.  Only Republicrats with their heads 3-feet below the sand level can have such thoughts given the nation's imminent future.

What should Senator Mark Begich have learned from this election? To maneuver for a way at the next midterm election to have the Republican majority remain at war with itself in the Senate race, hopefully including a separate Tea Party candidate on the ballot. Even Alaska's most unpopular Senator ever could win a plurality with those circumstances.

And what of the thoughts of the Sultan of Pork, Congressman Don Young? Well, there is little need to concern oneself with a revolt from the serfs when you happen to be the perfect Prince in all ways. The serfs cannot help but love and rely on this particularly wonderful Prince in every way. As the honorable Congressman says, if he could find a single equally qualified person to serve he would happily retire. But, since he is so deeply needed, he simply must hold onto power.

The Alaska Senate race 2010: a fascinating and harmful affair.