The rhetoric this election year about the size and efficiency of government is nothing new to US politics.  The question has been central to elections throughout our history.

For one hundred years plus after the passage of the US Constitution the case for liberty held its own for those who were allowed liberty at the time.  Since about one century ago, the statist movement has gathered steam almost continuously.  The movement's success has reached the point of the absurd in Washington, D.C and certain State Capitols.

There is much debate over the cause of big government.  Many say the the Constitution has been rendered meaningless in critical ways.  Suggestions for a return to greater liberty abound.  Rework the Commerce Clause?  Abolish the 17th Amendment?  Certainly end the 16th Amendment.  Even change the 14th Amendment?

Sadly, all these proposals miss the mark.  What any proper chart would show it was the passage of the18th Amendment that has been the primary problem, the amendment that mandated the States to allow women to vote just like men.  Since that fateful time, the nation's liberty has taken a dive on a steady course.  The voting pattern has always been evident.  Big government is the unintended consequence of the gender revolution.  We are already near the bitter end: women's misguided vision of a just society established by an all-powerful government.  The war is nearly lost.

Any good male revolutionary would see the obvious solution toward the nation's rescue from tyranny.

At the present moment, 80% of Congress and 75% of the State legislatures remain masculine.  All it takes is the vote of 2/3rds of Congress and a majority vote in 34 State legislatures to amend the Constitution.

It is time for men to seize the moment and abolish the 18th Amendment overnight!  It may be our only salvation from permanent subjugation. 

Eunichs unite!  Our time has finally arrived!